Laura & Abraham’s Orange Grove Sweetheart Session


Ohhhhh you guys, after hearing that Laura noticed a handsome stranger in church one day from the corner of her eye and HOW Abraham proposed to Laura years later, I knew this session was going to be filled with pure love and joy. Laura and Abraham’s love story is definitely one for the books. It’s one of those stories that you know will be passed down through generations of their family where they will each tell it differently every time, giggling at each other’s version of what happened. And they even have an amazing keepsake of HOW he proposed, which I’ll explain in a bit.

A fateful glance. A skipped heartbeat. The rush of emotion. It all started one evening many years ago. Laura was in church and noticed a handsome stranger wearing a red shirt and sitting in a pew a few rows away. After the service was over, she told her friends about the guy she saw and they all joked about this mysterious man, referring to him as “the guy from church”. No one knew who he was, no one knew who he hung around with. All she was left with that day, was the memory of the cute guy from church who wore a red shirt.

Months later, at a local festival, Laura and her friends were hanging out when all of a sudden, she sees him again… wearing the SAME shirt! She didn’t say anything at first as she was trying to retain her excitement. He was with a friend who happened to know one of her friends, so they went over to say hello. On the outside, she played it cool, but on the inside, Laura’s heart was fluttering and she told one of her friends that he was the guy… THE GUY from church! But she still didn’t know his name. Luckily, her friend told her that his name was Abraham, but in trying to keep it cool, she didn’t pursue anything and they each went their own way. She was happy that at least she knew his name.

Laura’s heart was fluttering and she told one of her friends that he was the guy… THE GUY from church!

This festival is one that lasts a few days, so the next day, she went again with her friends and as fate would have it, she saw him again! Abraham says she was pretty obvious, but Laura maintains that she kept her cool hahaha He kept seeing her sneak little peaks at him, but he, being the more shy one, didn’t say much to her that day and she, noticing that he didn’t talk much, didn’t say much back. A few weeks passed, and she was out at a bar when her friend told her that one of his friends had asked for her email… and Laura was like…email?? Who does that!? Usually one asks for, oh I don’t know… a phone number… a facebook profile… but no, Abraham asked for her email hahaha

After she accepted his mail request, they started chatting over messenger. During this time, the World Cup was going on and they would make fun bets on who would win that days game. If their team lost, they would have to pay for dinner. Needless to say, Abraham paid for dinner and they hit it off. They kept hanging out for several months, but Laura was still unsure of wanting to get into a relationship. It took Abraham about 7 months to get her to take a leap of faith and give him a chance. Major props to him for being such a gentleman and waiting until she was ready to get into a relationship.

Laura & Abraham's Orange Grove Sweetheart Session

Early in their relationship, they were watching a movie called The Illusionist. In the movie, the main character gives his paramour a locket made of wood. But it’s no ordinary locket! Apart from the normal photo that you see when you open it in it’s traditional manner, it has a secret compartment that you have to twist, and make into a heart in order to access. Well, Laura, having a love of carpentry, fell in love with the locket and casually commented on how cute it was and how she wanted one… little did she know, Abraham would make a mental note and hatch a plan to make this happen for a very special occasion years later. Years passed, he found out that the design was patented and had one made from that company special just for her, as well as having the ring custom designed.

The day was set. He knew how and when. It was just a matter of time. Christmas day arrived, and the entire family including his were there together, however, no one knew what was coming. As everyone opened their gifts, Abraham kept his special gift for last, taking care that no one would accidentally grab it. Finally. It was time. He gave his gift to Laura, and upon opening it, she cried exclaiming how thoughtful it was of him to get her the locket. As Laura opened it, she saw that the picture Abraham had put inside was the first photo they had ever taken together… at a friends wedding (first clue). Now, recognizing it from the movie, she knew there was a secret compartment. And as she turned the locket into the heart, giving her access to the special compartment, she gasped in shock as she read the words, “Will you marry me?” inside!!! She cried AGAIN, and he gave her the ring. And the ring…. I’m telling you guys, this guy is full of romantic details. He designed the ring to have two stones, coming together which represented how they had found each other in life. Um, amazing much!?!?! Did I not say that this was an epic story?? I had so much fun hanging out with these two, and hope you enjoy a few highlights from our session together. 🙂


Laura & Abraham's Orange Grove Sweetheart Session

photo by: SA | Sue-Ellen Aguirre Photography

Laura & Abraham's Orange Grove Sweetheart Session

Laura & Abraham's Orange Grove Sweetheart Session

Laura & Abraham's Orange Grove Sweetheart Session

Laura & Abraham's Orange Grove Sweetheart Session

Laura & Abraham's Orange Grove Sweetheart Session

Laura & Abraham's Orange Grove Sweetheart Session

Laura & Abraham's Orange Grove Sweetheart Session

Laura & Abraham's Orange Grove Sweetheart Session

Laura & Abraham's Orange Grove Sweetheart Session

Um, can these two just be in Vogue Magazine already!? Seriously. Heart eyes forever!

Until next week, friends! Can’t wait to show you some more of what I’ve been up to 🙂



2 thoughts on “Laura & Abraham’s Orange Grove Sweetheart Session

    1. Aren’t they the cutest? I figured the only way to share their story was to go full on story telling mode. With a cute proposal like theirs, it was the only way to do it justice 🙂 Thank you for your kind words, Charity! ❤


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