Aguirre Black Family Photos


Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today, I have a beautiful family to share with you all! I loved being able to spend some time with Paty and Juan Pablo’s kids. They are as cute as they come!

So Juan Pablo is actually a cousin of mine! Looking back, I always remember him being protective of me and always making me laugh. Before I got married, JP and his wife, Paty, threw us a little dinner party to celebrate our upcoming nuptials. It was such a lovely gesture on their part so having a family session with them was my absolute pleasure.

Aguirre Family Photos

They have three children, making them a beautiful blended family of 5. Casandra, the oldest, is just the sweetest ever. Her smile is so genuine and she radiates joy!

Abril is the sassy one, and she is so funny! I asked her if she could look into the lens and see my eye, and her reaction was priceless! So much fun!

Juan Carlos is the baby, and boy, is he just a little charmer!! His eyes, that smile, chubby cheeks… enough to make anyone melt and let out a long “awwwwwww”. And Paty, well, she is a gorgeous momma who loves unconditionally and is so dedicated to her family.

This session was a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoy some of these highlights!

photo by: SA | Sue-Ellen Aguirre Photography

photo by: SA | Sue-Ellen Aguirre Photography

photo by: SA | Sue-Ellen Aguirre Photography

photo by: SA | Sue-Ellen Aguirre Photography

photo by: SA | Sue-Ellen Aguirre Photography

photo by: SA | Sue-Ellen Aguirre Photography

Aren’t they all just darling? I loved how relaxed and joyful everyone was, enjoying this lovely afternoon together as a family. They were a real treat to capture and definitely transmitted that to the camera.

One of the concerns I get often with families that have little kids like these is that they can’t guarantee that their littles will be on their best behavior. And I know that stresses some of you beautiful mommas out! Sometimes, getting the family together for a session is difficult! And it’s TOTALLY ok and normal.

But at the end of the day, just remember that having perfectly behaved kids is NOT important. They are kids after all! This should be a pleasant experience for everyone. Let them run around. Let them ask me questions. Let them cry if they need to. We’ll take as many breaks as needed to make sure your kiddos are ok. Don’t apologize. It doesn’t bother me one bit!!

What IS important is having fun, being authentic, enjoying an afternoon together as a family, and laughing. That is what matters most. Until next week, friends! ♡




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