Fun Kids Session In The Desert • Phoenix, AZ

I don’t often do family sessions, but every time that I do, I’m reminded why I love them so much. Kids are crazy. Kids are unpredictable. Kids are hilarious beyond belief.

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of working with yet another beautiful family. I had photographed them before when two of the littles were still quite little hehe But this time, they were a few years older and I was introduced to another sweet boy!

Photographing kids was always something that scared me a little to be honest. I wanted to always be able to capture the absolute perfectly posed portrait. But I soon found value in tossing that idea of perfection aside. And while grandma may love that perfect picture, the images that really make an emotional impact and are the ones you reach for when looking back at these memories are the ones that truly captured the essence of your child.

The ones of them making silly faces, dancing, running, jumping, giving sass, crying even! Yes! Even those! Why? Because they evoke EMOTION! They make you laugh. They make you cry. They make you feel something. They are raw and authentic. Everyone knows that perfection does not exist. So why would you want that captured? Real life. Real reactions. Real emotions.

Often times parents get so caught up and stressed out about their kids looking perfect and polished. But it’s important to be able to capture them, in all of their essence and celebrate who they are, just as they are. Crazy hairs, dirty faces and all! And besides, you want your kids to actually ENJOY the process so that next time, when they are a few years older and you want updated portraits, they remember how enjoyable it all was.

This session was so much fun because we just allowed them to be who they are. Little Kai man just ran around, danced, did some wicked ninjago spinjitzus, Annika activated her inner warrior princess and giggled the afternoon away, and baby boy Henry was the sweetest little guy laughing at his papa’s tickles and getting cozy in mamas arms.

I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon spent photographing such cool kids.

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