Hi, friends! I’m in the middle of a series aimed at giving helpful insight to brides regarding some common concerns that come up during the wedding planning process, and I also talk about some key sections of the timeline that perhaps you forgot to consider. So if you’re just joining me, you can catch up by reading the first two parts here:

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One of the many jobs I have as a wedding photographer is to educate and empower my brides. I remember feeling overwhelmed and a bit lost when I was planning for my own wedding. There was so much information out there… so many things I wasn’t aware of that would have made such a huge difference in the planning of my timeline, the wedding images themselves, and so much more. I never want any of my brides to have to go through that. So my hope with this series is to help alleviate some stress, give my professional opinion about what to do or consider for certain parts of the timeline to make sure that you not only love your images and look your best, but also so that you only remember the joy and love you felt on your wedding day.

photo by: SA | Sue-Ellen Aguirre Photography

One really important chunk of time is the getting ready portion of the day. This is the time where the anticipation of your wedding day starts to build up. You are putting on your beautiful dress… the one you choose months before. Your mom is there to help button you up. Your best friends are there helping and fussing over how stunning you look. You put your veil on. It all becomes real at that moment. You’re going to want your images to aesthetically reflect all of these emotions you are feeling. You’re going to want to look back on these images and remember how nervous and excited you were… not be distracted by anything that takes away the focus of that. And I see it happen so many times when the getting ready location is overlooked… it happened to me! Whenever I look back on those particular images from my wedding day, I always end up scrolling through them quickly because I just don’t feel a great connection to them. And don’t get me wrong, I appreciate and am thankful to have those images. And my photographer did a great job considering the bad conditions I gave her, but I just didn’t realize what was at stake. I had no clue what impact choosing that ugly dark room was going to have on my images. Had I put a little bit more thought into it, it would have made all of the difference!

So, to save you any heartache, here are some of my best tips when considering where you will be getting ready:

  1. One way to help ensure that you receive images you love, is to keep the photographic style you have chosen to reflect your wedding in mind. If you have opted for a photographer who specializes in a light and airy style, like me, you are going to want to make sure the room where you will be during this part of the day matches that! That means light colored and neutral walls. Last thing you want is to get ready in a room that is painted in bright, strong, bold colors. Not only will those colors cast weird tones onto your skin (yuck- I don’t think you really want to look like an orange or the hulk in your wedding images, amiright? hahah), the overall look just won’t be timeless, classic, and elegant. You’ll be so distracted by the bold color of the walls. And the point is to have the focus on you!

photo by: SA | Sue-Ellen Aguirre Photography

2. Make sure there are big windows to give plenty of natural light. As a light and airy                  photographer, natural light is KEY to making my images look that way. All of the                    artificial lights will be turned off to avoid any weird mixed light. So there needs to be            plenty of natural window light to illuminate the space you’ll be in. Natural light is                  also the most flattering which will help ensure you will love how you look as well.

photo by: SA | Sue-Ellen Aguirre Photography

3. Make sure the bedding is a solid neutral color (preferably white). Unless there is a                  really great chair that you can sit in, I’ll likely have you sitting on the bed for some                beautiful bridal portraits. Again, you don’t want the bedding to take away any focus              from YOU so make sure that the bedding is a solid, non-distracting color to keep                    your images looking timeless and elegant.

photo by: SA | Sue-Ellen Aguirre Photography


By following these three easy tips, you can be sure that your getting ready images will look timeless and elegant and true to the style of photography you chose! You’ll be able to look back on these and remember the excitement, the anticipation, the love, the encouragement… and not be distracted by the ghastly dark ugly walls. You’ll love them just as much as the rest of your gallery and have such sweet memories of you getting ready for your beautiful wedding day!

I hope these 3 useful and important tips to consider for your getting ready location shed some light and serve you well! Until next week, friends!