White Stallion Ranch Wedding ︵ Kateri + Marco

White Stallion Ranch Wedding ︵ Kateri + Marco

Mount Lemmon Engagement Lovers ︵ K + R

These Mount Lemmon mountain lovers took an adventure with me to capture their engagement in the great outdoors! Jenga match included.

Intimate Backyard Wedding ︵ Ashley + Travis

An intimate backyard wedding reminiscent of Sunday family dinners. These lovers gathered their most adored friends and family to celebrate.

White Stallion Ranch Wedding ︵ Kateri + Marco

A sunset White Stallion Ranch wedding of dreams! 13 years worth of chapters in their story and the pages unfolding are only getting more beautiful!

Stillwell House Wedding ︵ Davina + Aaron

This beautiful Stillwell House Wedding in Tucson, Arizona was one of the most touching weddings I've been to. Davina and Aaron's l...

Skating Lovers in Downtown Tucson ︵ Ashley + Travis

Skating Lovers- These two march to the beat of their drum. Their engagement session in Downtown Tucson, Arizona was so much fun!

San Xavier Lovebutts ︵ Kateri + Marco

The tale of the San Xavier Lovers. After spending time with the sweetest pair of lovebutts, this San Xavier Engagement is definitely one of my favorites!