Lorena & Luis’ Dreamy Desert Anniversary Session


They each decided to go to the beach in San Carlos one weekend with friends… neither of them knowing what an important trip that would be… neither of them knowing they would meet the love of their lives in the hours ahead. One fateful night, a friend introduced Luis to Lorena thinking they might spark a connection. And indeed they did. And ever since then, that spark burns brighter than ever.  Continue reading

3 Important Things To Consider For Your Getting Ready Location


Hi, friends! I’m in the middle of a series aimed at giving helpful insight to brides regarding some common concerns that come up during the wedding planning process, and I also talk about some key sections of the timeline that perhaps you forgot to consider. So if you’re just joining me, you can catch up by reading the first two parts here:

4 Reasons Why Every Bride Should Consider A First Look

3 Reasons Why Shooting Details Are So Important And How To Best Prepare Them

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4 Reasons Why Every Bride Should Consider A First Look


As I got out of the car and approached the gazebo, I saw my future husband standing up there with his back facing towards me. Though I couldn’t see his face, I could tell he was a bit nervous by his posture… and truth be told, I was nervous too. The excitement was building. I was getting closer. I stopped for a second to take to take it all in. The day had felt a little crazy up until this moment. It hadn’t started as smooth as I had hoped for. I was feeling a little anxious from all of the movement and people and opinions… but that moment… away from everybody except for him… it was ours. Me and him. Continue reading

2016 Best Of: A Year In Review


Happy New Year, friends!

After a little break for the holidays and more than enough holiday treats in my belly to last the entire year of 2017, I return to the blog with so much thankfulness that I could explode with love! A few years ago, I never thought I would be living out my dreams of being a photographer and loving my job so much, connecting with such amazing people, and getting to document such special moments. And now… I am! I feel like Fearless, Speak Now and Red Era Taylor Swift winning an award! hahaha Continue reading

The Aguirre-Kotowski Family


You guys… I just can’t get enough of this desert!! Every time I go out here for a session, I just fall in love all over again. And having two adorable toddlers, a pair of loving parents combined with the perfect desert glow, and the anticipation of Christmas … well, those are the ingredients for a beautiful family session if I do say so myself! Up on the blog today, I have one of the most adorable families ever… and they just so happen to be part of MY family!

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The Diaz Valdez Family


Helloooooo, friends! Can I just say how EXCITED I am to share these images!? Since I started my business, I have been searching high and low for a beautiful desert location in Hermosillo. And I finally found it!! There isn’t much easily accesible open desert where I live so finding this was like receiving a box of macarons for me!! Needless to say, I was pretty excited!! I used to care less about the ugly, brown and dry desert landscape growing up in Tucson, AZ. But then I started to notice the immense beauty that only the desert can provide. Continue reading