Dreamboats in the Mountains ︵ Davina + Aaron

Dreamboats in the Mountains ︵ Davina + Aaron

Ana Lucía & Sebastian’s Downtown Sweetheart Session

Downtown Sweetheart Session photos by SA | Sue-Ellen Aguirre Photography in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico

Denisse & Maria Andrea’s Mommy and Me Newborn Lifestyle Session

Happy Saturday, friends! I've got the sweetest baby girl to show off to the world today, and boy, is she just the cutest little nugget!

Laura & Abraham’s Orange Grove Sweetheart Session

Ohhhhh you guys, after hearing that Laura noticed a handsome stranger in church one day from the corner of her eye and HOW Abraham proposed to Laura years later, I knew this session was going to be filled with pure emotion and joy.

Roxana & Fernando’s Downtown/Desert Sweetheart Session

I have many favorite poets that I turn to when I need some general life inspiration, but Khalil Gibran always seems to tug at my heart strings first. Perhaps it’s because it brings back nostalgic memories of reading Khalil Gibran poetry with my best friend, Lauren, when she was living in Flagstaff, or because his words always seem to resonate with what I’m processing through at that particular time that I’m reading something of his. Whatever the case, when I was with Rox and Fer for their session, getting to know their personalities and a bit of their story reminded me of one of Gibran’s poems and I would like to share that today.

Giovana and Daniel’s Desert Sweetheart Session

Hello, everyone! I'm so glad you're joining me today! I know I said that this week I would wrap up the series called "So You Wan...

Diego Edel’s Summer Mini Session

The thunder clouds were forming, hovering around so ominously. The sky was threatening to open wide and let the summer showers come through. But tucked into a corner of a beautiful green park, a glimmer of warm sunshine was peeking through. A smile and a laugh brightened up the grey overcast. It was Diego Edel's sunny disposition that made us all forget it was a gloomy day...