When these two met up with me to talk about ideas for their session, they instantly had me at “Downtown Tucson Engagement”. Oh man. I knew they would be so much fun to work with!

One thing I love doing before booking any session is trying to get to know my couples a little better.

I genuinely feel that doing this helps me understand their vibe more and helps me photograph them more authentically.

I wanted to know a little but about their story and immediately resonated with what Ashley shared with me. One of the things I loved learning was that they were so firm and confident within their relationship. Always trusting their gut, they shy away from societal pressures to do what was best for them.


But one of the things I loved learning the MOST was their perspective on marriage.

They both know that getting married for them is an important day in their lives. But they acknowledge that it isn’t THE most important. They know their commitment to each other happened early on in the relationship. And cultivating a healthy marriage is more important than details, what kind of flowers they will have, what shoes they are going to wear, or how tall the cake is going to be.

And while those details are fun, beautiful and make me happy to photograph, those things aren’t what keep a marriage together. They never felt the pressure from one another to rush into anything and did things in their own time, reflecting and communicating with each other along the way about what felt right for them.

So, it was no surprise to me when they suggested something super fun and out of the norm for their engagement session. Both of them are skaters and wanted to incorporate that into their session and I couldn’t have been more on board! We started the day at the Skate Park and then headed downtown for the rest of the session!

These are some of my favorites from the day! Thanks for being so much fun and for spiking up my adrenaline levels to 1000000 when both of you zipped past me on your boards lol!  I’ve never learned so much about different trees and how deceptively alive some can be hahaha Can’t wait for your beautiful and uniquely you wedding!!

p.s. More downtown Tucson engagement sessions pleaseeee!! tee hee hee

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Shoot Locations:

Santa Rita Skate Park | Downtown