Hi, friend! I'm a Tucson Wedding photographer and my full name is Sue Ellen!

Antiquing is my JAM! Most days you can find me drinking tea, playing with my cats and dog, hiking, watercoloring, photographing the besssst clients in the world, and maybe even indulging in some historical fiction films/tv shows like Outlander and Downton Abbey.

I’m based out of Arizona, but most definitely available for travel. And I love serving the world through my work, and by extension also encouraging and supporting others in their personal journeys to growth, self-acceptance, and in their own relationships. I don’t want to just be your photographer, I want to be your friend, I want to lift you, hear you, see you, and know you!

The things I’m most passionate about in my life are my family and constantly digging deeper into the ever-evolving and profound journey to self-awareness and love. I’m also passionate about TEA! TRAVEL! YÔGA! MOVEMENT CULTURE! ANTIQUING! CREATING ART! LAVENDER EVERYTHING! 

…But most of all, just simply enjoying life through the little things!

When you think about true love, what comes to mind? Part of it for me consists of those little moments that fill your soul. It’s those moments that make you want to pull in a little closer and stay out under the starry night sky a little longer. It’s true intimacy and a willingness to lean into vulnerability. It’s raw, undone. It’s perfectly imperfect. It’s that kind of love that washes away the dust of fear, love that recognizes the fire in your soul and celebrates it. I want to capture that for you. 

So, if you’re into cozy sweaters, yoga pants and messy hair, or if you 100% ugly cried during the Gilmore Girls revival and weren’t ashamed… we could be best friends. If you love flowy dresses that move in the wind, exploring and adventure, images that evoke real emotion, rare vintage finds, birkenstocks, soulful romance, magick!, wellness, spiritual journeys, weird stuff, laughing until you cry/pee your pants, yummy earthy neutrals, or dance parties to Taylor Swift… slide into my DM’s and send me a message!!