This beautiful Stillwell House Wedding in Tucson, Arizona was one of the most touching weddings I’ve been to. Davina and Aaron’s love story moved me to tears. My heart was an absolute puddle of joy the entire time. It was such a moving, wildly fun time spent with these two and I couldn’t be more grateful!

I first met these two when I shot their engagement session up in Mount Lemmon. And I had so much fun learning about their story and seeing their deep love for each other. It was just seeping out of their pores!

When it came closer to their wedding day, I was getting so exited to see them join their hands together. Knowing all of the years they spent apart and all the things they went through to be there, present, in that moment was enough to get the entire ceremony space in tears! I certainly was. In between taking pictures and wiping the tears from my eyes, you could FEEL how much love was present that day.



It was an incredible day with so many lovely hearts there to celebrate them. Davina and Aaron love each other so fiercely and I feel so thankful for the trust they bestowed upon me to capture their day as they lived it.

This Stillwell House Wedding in the garden sure was beautiful. The details were gorgeous and the bouquet and dress were stunning. But nothing was more beautiful and awe-inspiring than the genuine moments Davina and Aaron shared with us that made everyones hearts beats faster, bellies ache from laughter, and souls feel warm and fuzzy.

Thank you thank you thank you.

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Photography: Sue Ellen Aguirre | Videography: In Bloom Images |

Venue & Coordination: The Stillwell House and Garden |

Hair and Makeup: HVH Faces

Dress: BHLDN | DJ: Fantastic Five Entertainment