2016 Best Of: A Year In Review


Happy New Year, friends!

After a little break for the holidays and more than enough holiday treats in my belly to last the entire year of 2017, I return to the blog with so much thankfulness that I could explode with love! A few years ago, I never thought I would be living out my dreams of being a photographer and loving my job so much, connecting with such amazing people, and getting to document such special moments. And now… I am! I feel like Fearless, Speak Now and Red Era Taylor Swift winning an award! hahaha Continue reading

The Aguirre-Kotowski Family


You guys… I just can’t get enough of this desert!! Every time I go out here for a session, I just fall in love all over again. And having two adorable toddlers, a pair of loving parents combined with the perfect desert glow, and the anticipation of Christmas … well, those are the ingredients for a beautiful family session if I do say so myself! Up on the blog today, I have one of the most adorable families ever… and they just so happen to be part of MY family!

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