Kristina & Rory’s Presidio Engagement Session

Kristina & Rory's Presidio Engagement Session


With an estimated population of 1,394,928, San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the United States. They were each there for different reasons, Kristina’s reason only lasting the weekend. They could have met different people. They could have been hanging out in different bars. A million factors could have influenced them never meeting each other in such a large city, in such a short window of time…

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10 Useful Tips to Getting Started


Happy Wednesday, friends! We’ve made it! I’m at the end of a series aimed to give encouragement to other aspiring photographers and creatives in general called “So You Want To Be A Photographer?” where I’m sharing a little bit of my background and all of the fears I had to overcome in order to finally make that leap. If you’re just joining me, you can catch up by reading the first three parts here:

Figuring Out My Passion

A Lesson In Taking A Risk

The Importance of a Strong Why

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Ana Lucía & Sebastian’s Downtown Sweetheart Session

Ana Lucia & Sebastian's Downtown Sweetheart Session


When I first heard their love story, I was practically in tears because of how cute it was. I could feel how excited Ana Lucia was sharing a bit of their story. It was as if it were straight out of a romance novel or one of those old Golden Era black and white films about love. Which for me, made my heart flutter seeing as how I’m a total sappy romantic haha. Their sweet smiles, dreamy stares, and cute giggles never stopped the entire time. And I couldn’t help but notice the way he held her hand and the way she rested her head on his shoulder… it was as if they fit perfectly together.

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Laura & Abraham’s Orange Grove Sweetheart Session

Laura & Abraham's Orange Grove Sweetheart Session


Ohhhhh you guys, after hearing that Laura noticed a handsome stranger in church one day from the corner of her eye and HOW Abraham proposed to Laura years later, I knew this session was going to be filled with pure love and joy. Laura and Abraham’s love story is definitely one for the books. It’s one of those stories that you know will be passed down through generations of their family where they will each tell it differently every time, giggling at each other’s version of what happened. And they even have an amazing keepsake of HOW he proposed, which I’ll explain in a bit.

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Roxana & Fernando’s Downtown/Desert Sweetheart Session

Roxana & Fernando's Downtown Sweetheart Session


I have many favorite poets that I turn to when I need some general life inspiration, but Khalil Gibran always seems to tug at my heart strings first. Perhaps it’s because it brings back nostalgic memories of reading Khalil Gibran poetry with my best friend, Lauren, when she was living in Flagstaff, or because his words always seem to resonate with what I’m processing through at that particular time that I’m reading something of his. Whatever the case, when I was with Rox and Fer for their session, getting to know their personalities and a bit of their story reminded me of one of Gibran’s poems and I would like to share that today. Continue reading