“Now you will feel no rain,
For each of you will be shelter to the other.
Now you will feel no cold,
For each of you will be warmth to the other.
Now there is no more loneliness,
For each of you will be companion to the other.
Now you are two bodies,
But there is one life before you.
Go now to your dwelling place,
To enter into the days of your togetherness.
And may your days be good and long upon the earth.”

– Native American Wedding Blessing


This past Saturday, I had the absolute privilege of capturing the most moving wedding at White Stallion Ranch here in Tucson, AZ. All the special details from hawk feathers handed down mother to daughter, Native American blessings, and beautiful turquoise heirloom rings… it’s safe to say I cried. A LOT.

When I first photographed Kateri and Marco during their San Xavier engagement, I knew I had gained friends for life. These two were so genuine, joyful, and sweet and getting to know their story was so much fun! As they told me about what they envisioned for their day I was getting so excited to be able to capture their memories. After the session was over, I just kept thinking how grateful I was to be able to work with such beautiful souls.

So when their wedding day drew near, the anticipation and excitement of being able to be with them again during such an intimate and special time only grew stronger!


White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-ArizonaTheir White Stallion Ranch wedding was a total dream.

Kateri was the most chill bride ever and her glowing smile completely brightened the room. As I began photographing her bridal details, she came out with a beautiful hawk feather that her mother had passed down to her. She wanted me to capture that because it was an incredibly special and sacred item that she planned on wearing in her hair. In Native American culture, the feather symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, and freedom. It is a connection between the owner, the Creator and the bird the feather it came from. And I couldn’t think of better words to keep present on one’s wedding day.

After that, Kateri’s mother prayed over her with holy water in hand and to be able to be a part of something so intimate like that was incredibly special to me. She also honored her grandmother by incorporating a beautiful turquoise ring that belonged to her, and fastened it into her dress. UGH! So so beautiful.

And when Marco saw Kateri for the first time, it was so clear how pure and authentic their love was. Smiles from ear to ear and joyful spirits just had me in absolute heaven! There was no shortage of love and adoration. To know their story and then see them come together in marriage gave me all the feels and I was completely overwhelmed with emotion.

The ceremony included a beautiful Native American blessing and by that time, I was already so moved and filled to the brim with thankfulness. So many people came together to celebrate these two special people and poured their love over them all night. There were so many incredible moments and holy smokes, I just cant say it enough… my couples are the best in the world!


And just because I’m a light nerd and it would be sacrilege to not mention this…

The light after the ceremony ended was unreal and so perfect!!! It was the most beautiful gift to get some extra portraits in that light. So note to future brides: sunset portraits is a MUST!!! Everything about that day was magical.

It’s safe to say that this White Stallion Ranch wedding will be forever one of my favorites!

Thank you immensely to Kateri and Marco for trusting me and letting me get all up in your business to create magical, genuine, soulful, joyful images for you two. AH! Love you both forever.


*** Side Note: Green Tuxedos are always a YES!!! hahaha


White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-03 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-04 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-05 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-06 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-07 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-08 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-09 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-10 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-11 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-12 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-13 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-14 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-15 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-16 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-17 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-18 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-19 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-20 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-21 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-22 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-23 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-24 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-25 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-26 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-27 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-28 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-29 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-30 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-31 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-32 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-33 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-34 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-35 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-36 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-37 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-38 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-39 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-40 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-41 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-42 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-43 White-Stallion-Ranch-Wedding-Tucson-Arizona-44




Event Coordination: Crain + Co.

Venue: White Stallion Ranch

Florals: Bloom Maven

Cake: Dolce Pastello Cakes

Makeup: Georgina Makeup

DJ: Herm Guzman

Dress: Luv Bridal

Catering: Chef Mario Diaz de Sandy Jr.